8 Gbit/s Read-Write Analyzer RWA 4000

Works with GSA 6000 series digital signal analyzers

  • Up to 8 Gbit/s maximum write data rate (RWA 4008 model)
  • Pattern Generator with 1psec resolution of bit precompensation
  • Universal servo decoder supports both Guzik servo and Hard Drive servo formats from all major hard drive manufacturers, including Chevron DTR servo
  • PRML Chip integration using a daughter card with easy access through front panel
  • Acoustic Emission sensor and Embedded HGA Contact sensor digitizing channels for TFC Touchdown detection
  • All-digital low-pass filters
  • Fast 120MByte/s PCI Express connection to host computer
  • Space-saving 81mm low-profile package with reduced power consumption

RWA 4000 Read-Write Analyzer is a part of the new generation all-digital Guzik 4000 Series test systems. RWA 4000 requires Guzik signal analyzer GSA 6000 series to provide a complete RWA solution for magnetic recording test applications.

The RWA 4000 Read-Write Analyzer incorporates the following modules:

  • Write channel, including Pattern Generator and Frequency Synthesizer modules

  • Servo channel

  • PRML channel

  • Filter matrix

The RWA 4000 connects to the host computer via PCI Express 1x cable connection delivering 120 MByte/s sustained data transfer rates for faster operation.

The RWA 4000 comes in space-saving low-profile package with reduced power consumption. Optional 19-inch rack-mount installation kit is available.

Write channel

RWA 4000 write channel includes a Pattern Generator and a Frequency Synthesizer module capable of writing patterns up to 8 Gbit/s in RWA 4008 model. Patterns are programmable – user-defined bit sequences can be loaded to pattern generator. One of the distinctive features of Guzik pattern generators is bit precompensation1 with 1psec resolution.


1 US Patent 6,760,171


Servo Channel

Servo channel includes the universal all-digital servo decoder. The decoder seamlessly supports both Guzik servo and Hard Disk Drive servo; switching between these two modes is done programmatically. The decoder is FPGA-based, which does not require a commercial PRML channel chip to decode hard drive servo, which makes it very flexible to support all major hard drive manufacturer servo formats including Chevron DTR servo.

PRML Channel

PRML Channel is arranged as a PRML Chip Adapter daughter card, accessible through RWA front panel. The card integrates a commercial PRML channel IC. Guzik integrates PRML channels from leading manufacturers upon request.

Filter Matrix

Programmable filter matrix of five low-pass anti-aliasing filters with cutoff frequencies up to 5.5 GHz to provide data decimation for the data rates less than 8 GBit/s. Unlike previous generation of Guzik RWA 2000 and 3000 DTR series, you do not need to purchase filter or differentiator plug-in boards. Programmable filters of filter matrix combined with digital filters of GSA 6000 allow you to set any cut-off frequency of read channel.

AE and ECS Inputs

The RWA 4000 has two integrated low-frequency digitizing channels for processing signals from the following sensors:

  • Acoustic Emission sensor (sensor on the cartridge), and/or

  • Embedded Contact sensor (sensor on HGA).

The RWA 4000 system does not require an external digitizer box, such as PicoScope.

Analog Front-End

The RWA Systems 4000 Series support UP11 preamplifier and the next generation front end cartridge/headamplifier designs on Guzik Spinstands. Previous generation of head amplifiers together with UP10M are also supported by RWA 4000 Systems. Please note that you need UP10M modification 3 or 4 to connect to RWA 4000.

Digital Read Channel

All measurements are performed digitally by a separate GSA 6000 unit. For additional details please refer to the following Guzik product bulletins:

  • GSA 6000 Series Guzik Signal Analyzers” document P/N 02-107547,

  • Read-Write Analyzer Systems 4000 Series” document P/N 02-107536.


System Integration Requirements

  • RWA System 4000 Series (RWA 4000 Series and GSA 6000)

  • Guzik Spinstand DTR 3000, Guzik Spinstand V2002, Canon Spinstand, or HDD

  • WITE32 Revision 4.40 or greater

  • Windows-based host computer with two spare PCI-Express 16x slots to accommodate Guzik PCI-Express Bridge card and processing GPU card

RWA 4000 Specifications*


Write Channel / Pattern Generator RWA 4004 RWA 4006 RWA 4008
Maximum Data Rate, Gbit/s 4 6 8
Minimum Bit Cell 250ps 167ps 125ps
Absolute Position Accuracy
(for any transition,
at maximum data rate)
5 ps (typ)
10 ps (max)
Precompensation Resolution
(for any transition)
1 ps
Jitter at max. data rate
Random Pattern, RMS
Repetitive Pattern, RMS
2 ps
2 ps
Frequency Resolution < 1 Hz
Frequency stability ±2.5ppm up to 75C, ±1ppm/year
Random Pattern Maximum Length RWA-4000 Rev.2 and later:        2.6 GBit
RWA-4000 Rev.1:                      256 Kbit


Analog Channel RWA-4000 Rev.1 RWA-4000 Rev.2 and later
Analog Bandwidth (open filter) 3.2 GHz @ –3dB 5.5 GHz @ –3dB
Analog Bandwidth
(with anti-aliasing low-pass filters)
2.5 GHz LPF:    2.5 GHz @ –3dB

1.75 GHz LPF:   1.8 GHz @ –3dB

800 MHz LPF:   790 MHz @ –3dB

400 MHz LPF:   380 MHz @ –3dB

200 MHz LPF:   200 MHz @ –3dB

100 MHz LPF:   90 MHz @ –3dB

80 MHz LPF:     80 MHz @ –3dB

2000 MHz LPF:  2.2 GHz @ –3dB

1000 MHz LPF:  1.0 GHz @ –3dB

500 MHz LPF:   550 MHz @ –3dB

250 MHz LPF:   250 MHz @ –3dB

Flatness ±0.3 dB up to 2 GHz ±0.25 dB up to 1 GHz
±0.50 dB up to 4 GHz
Group delay flatness TBD ±80 ps dB
(from 200 MHz to 4 GHz)
Input Return Loss 10 dB to 3 GHz 14 dB to 5 GHz
Output Return Loss 16 dB to 3 GHz 13 dB to 5 GHz
Non-Linear Distortions < 1.5 %
(entire bandwidth,
–10 dBm output level)
< 1.0 %
(entire bandwidth,
–6 dBm output level)
Rise/Fall Time 120 ps 80 ps (10% to 90%)


Acoustic Emission Sensor Channels
Bandwidth 1 MHz @ –3dB
Sampling Rate 3 MSPS
Number of Channels 2


Servo Channel
Analog Bandwidth 250 MHz
Sampling Rate 1 GSPS
Guzik Servo Decoder Digital programmable decoder
Drive Servo Decoder Digital programmable decoder; supports decoding of servo formats of all major hard drive manufacturers
Supported Servo Burst Modulation Amplitude, Phase-change, and Chevron phase


PRML Chip Integration
Data Rate Depending on commercial PRML chips
Supported PRML Chips Chips from all major manufacturers are supported. New PRML chips can be integrated upon request.
PRML Channel Optimization and BER measurements Supported by WITE32 software module


Size, W x D x H 17.5” x 15.8” x 3.2”
444 x 400 x 81 mm
Weight 12 lbs / 5.4 kg
Noise 25 dBa
Rack-Mount Installation Kit Available
Power 110 VAC (± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 1A approx.)
230 VAC (± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 0.5A approx.)


* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

This product is protected by the following US Patents:  6,469,862;  6,760,171;  6,785,085;  7,221,220; 7,408,495.