Read-Write Analyzers-1601 – Obsolete

160 Mflux/s Read Write Analyzer

  • Maximum Data Frequency of 160 Mflux/s with Analog Channel bandwidth greater than 250 MHz.
  • Option: Digital Channel Analyzer (DCA) upgrade to test PRML channels.
  • User-definable random pattern length up to 32 Kbytes with hierarchical structure.

The Guzik Read Write Analyzer RWA-1601 is a measurement tool used for design and analysis of magnetic storage devices and components. It is designed to test heads, media, and HSA’s (head stack assemblies) on spinstands, and drives/HDA’s (head/disk assemblies). The RWA-1601 can perform a complete suite of parametric measurements including bit shift analysis, track average amplitude, resolution, pulse width, asymmetry, modulation, signal-to-noise, overwrite, and popcorn noise. Media defects such as missing/extra/super pulses, margin errors, and modulation errors can also be analyzed. The RWA-1601 can perform Phase Margin (Bit Shift) Analysis up to 160 Mflux/s using a programmable data separator and phase margin detector with accuracy better than 100 picoseconds and repeatability within 50 picoseconds. Using a software controlled bit mask, the bit shift of individual bits can be examined separately. Optionally, the RWA-1601 can be upgraded to a Digital Channel Analyzer (DCA) to perform PRML channel related tests. The Pattern Generator of the RWA-1601 allows the user to program any random pattern up to 32 Kbytes in length. Each transition of these patterns can be individually precompensated with 20 ps resolution. The RWA-1601 can perform a variety of measurements for testing the characteristics of MR-Heads, including separate analysis of positive and negative pulses and software programmable control of both positive and negative Read Bias currents.


  • Up to 160 Mflux/s data rates.
  • Programmable pattern generator with random pattern length up to 32 Kbytes and hierarchical pattern structure.
  • Programmable write data Precompensation of individual bits with 20 ps resolution.
  • Phase Margin (Bit Shift) analysis with accuracy better that 100 ps and repeatability within 50 ps.
  • Missing, Extra, and Super pulse detection.
  • Parametric measurements.
  • Frequency and Saturation response measurements.
  • Popcorn Noise measurement.
  • Bit Comparator analysis
  • Customer specified plug-in filter modules, programmable filters, and differentiators.
  • Programmable write, read-bias, and erase (positive and negative) currents.
  • Zoned-bit recording support.
  • Large variety of spinstand and drive interfaces with possibility for custom integration.
  • Programmable Peak Detector Time Constant and envelope tracking Thresholds.
  • 1-7, 2-7, NRZ, MFM, and user-defined encoding schemes.
  • Drive test capabilities including Sector Servo protection, External Clock synchronization for write data, and digital read data analysis.

Analog Channel Technical Specifications:

Bandwidth: 0.1 to at least 250 MHz at -3 dB

Flatness: 0.1 to 100 MHz at ± 0.2 dB

Programmable Attenuator: 36 dB in 2 dB steps

Filters: 3 low pass (custom cutoff frequencies up to 160 MHz 8 overwrite from .5 to 20 MHz high/band pass filters available for measuring Popcorn

Write Current: Programmable 0 to 80 mA in 0.02 mA steps

MR Read Bias: Programmable -20 mA to 20 mA in 0.01 mA steps

Differentiators: Two plug-in positions for custom modules up to 160 Mflux/s. 5 modules shipped standard for data ranges from 5 to 160 Mflux/s


Programmable Filters:

SSI 32F8001:

cutoff frequency: 9-30 MHz in steps of 0.1 MHz
boost factor: 0 – 13 dB in steps of 0.1 dB

SSI 32F8011:

cutoff frequency: 5-15 MHz in steps of 0.1 MHz
boost factor: 0 – 9.2 dB in steps of 0.1 dB

SSI 32F8021:

cutoff frequency: 1.5-10 MHz in steps of 0.1MHz
boost factor: 0 – 11 dB in steps of 0.1 dB


Head Preamplifiers: 

SSI: 117, 501 510, 511, 512, 516, 521, 524, 528, 1200, 2010, 2015, 2020, 2024, 2030, 2100, 2300, 4610, 5121, 5122

VTC: VM312, VM313, VM367, VM5200, VM7104, VM7114, VM7150, VM7154, VM7200, VM7204, VM7230, VM7234

MR Preamplifiers: VM61006, SSI1550

Toshiba: TA8510

Fujitsu: MB 4114

NEC: PC2130, PC2132, PC2134

Sony: CXA 1454

EXAR: XR505, XR507

  • Many available for Magneto Resistive (MR) head testing. Additional Head Preamplifiers can be integrated on request. Head Adapters subject to IC availability.


Write Channel:

Frequency Synthesizer: Up to 320 MHz with 0.01% resolution

Pattern Generator: Any user specified data pattern up to a maximum of 32 KBytes of encoded data and hierarchical pattern structure.

Precompensation: Individual bit precompensation with resolution of 20 ps

Jitter: 20ps RMS


Digital Test:

Data Separator: 5 MFlux/s to 160 MFlux/s

Window Centering: 100 ps or 1% of window

Bit Shift Analyzer

Accuracy: better than 100 ps or 1% of window

Repeatability: better than 50 ps

Resolution: 20 ps

Jitter: 40 ps RMS


Parametric Measurement Accuracy:

TAA: ± 1.5%

Modulation: ± 2.0%

SNR: ± 0.5 dB

Crest factor: ± 2.0%

Overwrite: ± 0.3 dB

Pulse width: ± 2.0%


Surface Test:

Super pulse ± 2.0% of signal envelope

Missing pulse ± 2.0% of the HF envelope

Extra pulse ± 2.0% of the HF envelope

Margin errors

Modulation errors

Multiple Recording Zones



Pulse Shape Analyzer (Requires AB-961)


RWA-1601+ Upgrade available at factory


Physical Parameters:


Size 21.6″ x 17.6″ x 7.3″
Weight 30 lb.
Power 100/120 vac ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 2.5 amps approximately
220/240 vac ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 1.3 amps approximately


Size 19.0″ x 17.6″ x 3.3″
Weight 10 lb.
Power Supplied from RWA