RWA DTR 3003 Series – Discontinued

  • 3Gbit/sec Maximum Data Rate
  • 1.5GHz Analog Bandwidth for All Parametric Measurements
  • Pattern Generator with 1psec Resolution of Bit Precompensation*
  • Drive Servo Decoder for DTR Testing
  • Guzik Servo Writing and Processing
  • PRML Chip Integration up to 4Gbit/s


* US Patent 6,760,171 B2

RWA DTR 3003 Performance Specifications:

Pattern Generator

  • Minimum bit cell: 333psec
  • Absolute position accuracy for any transition: 5psec (typ) 10psec (max)
  • Precompensation resolution for any transition: 1psec
  • Jitter at 2Gbit/sec:
  • Random Pattern, RMS: 2psec
  • Repetitive Pattern, RMS: 2psec
  • Frequency resolution: better then 1Hz
  • Frequency stability: ±2.5ppm up to 75C, ±1ppm/year
  • Random pattern maximum length: up to 2Mbit

PRML Chip Integration

  • Data Rate: up to 4Gbit/s (limited by available commercial PRML chips)
  • PRML chips: Chips from various manufacturers are supported. New PRML chips can be integrated upon request.
  • Channel Optimization
  • Wide range of PRML Tests

Analog Channel

Bandwidth: more then 1.5GHz at – 3dB

Flatness: ± 0.2dB up to 1GHz, ±0.5dB up to 1.5GHz

Group delay: ±100psec up to 1GHz, ±200ps up to 1.5 GHz

Non-linear distortion: better than 1%
(entire bandwidth, nominal level)

Minimum pulse width (PW)
to be measured: 220psec

Parametric measurement accuracy
(entire bandwidth):

  • TAA: ±0.5dB*
  • Pulse width: 3% or 20psec
    whichever is greater*
  • SNR: ±0.5dB
  • Modulation: ± 2%*
  • Crest factor: ± 2%
  • Overwrite: ± 0.2dB

Measurements conditions: sinewave signal without noise.

Servo Channels

  • Drive Servo Decoder
  • Guzik Servo Decoder


*Specifications are subject to change without notice.



RWA DTR 3003 Physical Specifications:


  • Size: 1” x 17.6” x 10.8”
  • Weight: 46 lbs.
  • Power: 110 VAC (± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 4A approximately), 230 VAC (± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 3A approximately)

RWA DTR 3003 Options:

Universal Preamplifier 10M 8Gbit/s write data speed,
DC to 4GHz analog bandwidth
MR7L Low-Impedance Read/Write Amplifier for TMR heads 4Gbit/s write data speed,
3GHz analog bandwidth
Programmable Octave Filters 1-2GHz, 0.5-1GHz, 0.25-0.5GHz,
0.125-0.25GHz, 0.05-0.125GHz,
and 0.05-0.02GHz
Programmable Octave Differentiators 1-2GHz, 0.5-1GHz, 0.25-0.5GHz,
0.125-0.25GHz, 0.05-0.125GHz,
and 0.05-0.02GHz
Guzik Servo for Guzik and Non Guzik Spinstands Guzik Servo Revision 4,
Servo writing up to 1,024 sectors,
50 kHz servo sampling rate
Drive Servo Programmable servo decoder for HDD and DTR servo decoding
Chip Adapter Interface CAI-4000 Up to 4 Gbit/sec data rate
Spectrum Analyzer SA-960 Frequency domain tests to 960MHz

(Guzik recommends using WDM5000/D5000 Waveform Digitizers for frequency domain tests up to 4-6GHz)