Universal Preamplifier 12 (UP12) – Discontinued

For New Generation of Two Dimensional Magnetic Recording (TDMR) and Heat-assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) Headamplifiers

  • Write channel with more than 8 Gbit/sec data speed
  • Laser “pulser” channel with more than 8 Gbit/sec data speed
  • Three read channels with 100 kHz to 5.5 GHz bandwidth
  • Two channels dynamic TFC control
  • Write data and laser data modulation signals with bandwidth up to 10MHz

Universal Preamplifier 12 (UP12) is designed for new generation of TDMR and HAMR Headamplifiers. With new Guzik RWA4000 TDMR, UP12 allows to process signals from three Read Channels. It also supports two high speed data channels for Write data and Laser “pulser” data. UP12 has two channels for dynamic TFC control and allows to program TFC power per sector and close loop TFC control power in each channel. UP12 can generate two programmable modulation signals for write data and laser data with bandwidth up to 10 MHz.

Write Channel & Laser “pulser” channel

  • More than 8 Gbit/sec data speed
  • 30 ps rise/fall time of write data (20-80%, typical)
  • Positive +2.5V CML data outputs


TFC Control

  • Dual channels TFC Control
  • Maximum TFC Voltage: 4. 5V
  • Fully programmable dynamic TFC Control with possibility to program power on each sector
  • Close loop TFC power control
  • Bandwidth: DC to 10MHz


Headamplifier control

  • Real time control per sector

16 Mb SRAM Memory

  • To store settings for real-time control of TFC, Headamplifier registers, Laser modulation


Read Channel

  • Bandwidth: 100kHz to 5.5 GHz at –3 dB
  • Flatness: ±0.2 dB to 1 GHz, ±0.3 dB to 2 GHz
  • Output: Differential
    Nominal output level: 250 mV (SE, 50 Ohm termination)
  • Typical Non-Linear Distortion: better than 1% (250 mV output level), full bandwidth
  • Amplification 9 dB


Write & Laser data Modulation signals

  • Max amplitude: 4.5 V p/p
  • Output impedance: 50Ohm
  • Bandwidth: DC to 10MHz


Software Requirements

  • WITE32 ver 4.50 or higher