Read Write Analyzers-2550 Plus – Obsolete

800 Mbit/s PRML Channel Analyzer

550 MHz Analog Bandwidth

Significantly increased throughput

  • PRML chip integration with data rates to 800 Mbits/sec.
  • Fast PRML channel optimization
  • 800Mflux/s programmable Pattern Generator
  • Bit precompensation with 20ps resolution
  • 400MHz bandwidth Spectrum Analyzer
  • Supports universal preamplifier UP-7 and TSA-compatible cartridge
  • Bit shift analysis 250 MFlux/s (333Mbit/s with 1-7 code) Optional

The Guzik RWA-2550++ Read/Write Analyzer provides a wide range of parametric and PRML measurements. PRML tests are formed with integrated PRML chips. Write and read parameters of any PRML chip can be optimized in a few seconds to achieve lower error rates. All tests are implemented under WITE software, suitable for both engineering and production application. Software is run on a Pentium-based PC under Windows 95 or Windows 98.


Wide range of PRML tests including:

  • Bit error rate measurements
  • Off-track channel performance

Non-linear transition shift (NLTS) by harmonic elimination method

Optimization of PRML channels

  • Based on channel quality monitor
  • Based on error rate measurements
  • Customized optimization algorithms

All industry-standard parametric tests

The Spectrum Analyzer provides frequency domain tests:

  • Overwrite
  • Spectrum analysis
  • NLTS measurements
  • Signal to noise ratio (including transitional noise)
  • Partial erasure

Significantly reduced production test time

All engineering and production tests are implemented in WITE software on any Pentium-based PC under Windows 95, or Windows 98

Maximum Data Rates

  • PRML: 800 Mbits/s
  • Error Rate Analyzer: 800 Mbits/s, limited by PRML chip.
  • Bit shift analysis: Optional, 5 to 250 Mflux/s


PRML Chip Integration

  • Plug-in chip adapter module
  • Data rate 800 Mbit/s.
  • Integrated PRML chips from Cirrus Logic, DataPath, GEC Plessey IBM, Lucent Technology, Marvell, NEC, SSI, and others.
  • Custom PRML chips may be integrated upon request.


Analog Channel 971++

Bandwidth: 0.1 to 550 MHz at -3 dB

Flatness: 0.3 to 400 MHz at ± 0.2 dB

Group Delay: Flatness 200ps up to 400MHz

Programmable Attenuator: 36 dB in 2 dB steps

Typical Non-Linear Distortion: Better than 1%

(400MHz, output level 300mv p/p single-ended)

Filters: 4 low pass or programmable filters (custom cutoff frequencies for low pass filters up to 400 MHz).
High/band pass filters available for popcorn noise measurement.

Write Current: Programmable 0 to 80 mA in 0.02 mA steps.

MR Read Bias: Programmable -20 to 20 mA in 0.01 mA steps or serial control of bias current.

Differentiators: Two plug-in positions for custom modules with data range from 5 to 250 Mflux/s (optional).


Spectrum Analyzer

Features: Programmable overwrite, spectrum analysis, non-linear transition shift (NLTS), partial erasure, signal to noise ratio (SNR) including transitional noise.

Frequency range: 0.5 to 400 MHz
Accuracy: ± 0.2 dB with 70 dB dynamic range.
Selectivity: 100kHz at –3dB ; 500kHz at –60dB
Video bandwidth: Switchable between 100 KHz and 10 KHz.
Noise floor level: Better than –80 dB.


Head Amplifiers

  • More than 100 types available.
  • Amplifiers with separate read and write chips.
  • Parallel and serial control of head amplifier chip(s).
  • TSA – compatible cartridge design.
  • Factory calibrated amplification
  • Compatible with UP6 or UP7 universal preamplifiers


Write Channel

Frequency Synthesizer: Up to 1 GHz with better than 1Hz resolution

Frequency Stability: + 2.5ppm up to 75° C, + 1 ppm/year

Pattern Generator: 800 Mflux/s Data rate. Programmable pattern up to a maximum of 32 Kbytes of encoded data and hierarchical pattern structure.

Precompensation: Individual bit precompensation with 20ps resolution.

Jitter: 3 ps RMS.


Parametric Measurements

Bandwidth: 0.1 to 550MHz at –3dB
Flatness: 0.3 to 400 MHz at + .2dB
TAA accuracy: ± 1.5%
Typical non-linear distortion Better than 1%
Modulation: ± 2.0%
SNR: ± 0.5 dB
Crest factor: ± 2.0%
Overwrite: ± 0.2 dB
Pulse width: ± 1.5% (or better than + (100ps).


Bit Shift Analyzer (optional)

Data rate: 250Mflux/s

(333 Mbit/s with 1-7 code)

Accuracy: Better than 100ps
Resolution: 20ps
Window Centering: Better than 100ps



Size: 21.6″ x 17.6″ x 7.3″

Weight: 30 lbs.

Power: 100-240 VAC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz.


Size: 19.0″ x 17.6″ x 3.3″

Weight: 10 lbs.