Guzik offers a variety of support tools and resources

Technical Support

All technical support questions should be directed to We will reply to you as soon as we can.

Training classes

Guzik Technical Enterprises provides free training classes for its customers. Training includes the following courses:

Guzik Test System and Software Introduction
Guzik Spinstand Alignment and Operation
Programming for WITE/WDK Introduction
Discrete Track Recording Testing

To register please e-mail your request to

Seating is limited, please register early and wait for confirmation.

Guzik News Subscription

If you are interested to receive information about new Guzik’s product revisions, software updates, publications, absolutely free of charge please EMAIL a subscription request to


Guzik offers a variety of software downloads, including evaluation and beta versions of new Guzik products via its FTP site. Software upgrades to existing products are also available. Click here to access these resources. A user name and password is required.