Fiber Optics Bridge Card V1

can be used with DP 7000 digital processor

Samtec FireFly ™ protocol agnostic embedded optical engines

  • 12 bi-directional links, 20 GB/s (169.2 Gbit/s) aggregate bandwidth
  • Altera Stratix V GS FPGA (5SGS)
  • On-board 32 GB o DDR3 SDRAM memory
  • Gen3 PCIe® x8 connectivity
  • Robust forced cooling enables embedded systems applications

Guzik Test and Measurement has develop a general purpose, fiber optics to PCIe® bridge card with built in FPGA processing and on-board memory buffer. The cards are typically used in pairs connected via an optical fiber link, with one card connected to a computer CPU host on one side of the link, and the other to PCIe® devices, such as high performance GPU cards or RAID storage on the other side, or acting as its own PCIe® endpoint for high-performance DAQ systems and open-FPGA general purpose processors.

An Altera Stratix V GS FPGA (5SGS) is connected via x8 Gen3 PCIe® interface to the card edge. The optical link consists of 12 bi-directional optical lanes with total user data bandwidth greater than 20 GB/s (169.2 Gb/s). The optical conversion is provided by a miniature on-board optical Firefly engine connected to the FPGA. A large on-board 32 GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory with total bandwidth of 25 GB/s is provided to match the optical link data throughput.


2015 Supercomputing Video Loop

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Stratix V GSD4 FPGA

  • 360K Logic Elements
  • 1 PCIe “Hard IP” Block
  • DR3 SDRAM x72 DIMM Interfaces
  • x12 14.1 Gb/s Transceivers
    ‒Supported by two Firefly Optical Modules
  • Uses HyperTransport Lite to interconnect multiple remote FPGAs
  • 168Gb/s HT connection over 100m optical fiber


Connects multiple FPGAs and a PC host using one PCIe connections

  • 168 Gb/s sustained optical I/O
  • 32G on-board DDR3 memory for data intensive processing