Miniature AE Sensor with Isolated Integral 30 dB

  • Small size
  • Excellent performance
  • High sensitivity
  • Isolated 30 dB preamplifier
  • Available in two mounting styles

The Guzik miniature AE sensor with isolated integral 30 dB preamplifier has a wide-band and excellent frequency response over the range of up-to 1 MHz. Its small size makes the sensor ideal for hard disk drive test or similar applications requiring very small size, low weight, wideband AE sensor response and high sensitivity. A small diameter, external flexible cable connects the sensor with a 3-pin JST connector on the other end.


The sensor comes in two styles. Flat mount and with a screw on stud:

Peak Sensitivity -70 dB at 450 kHz
Operating Frequency Range 0-1 MHz


Temperature Range Tested at 25ºC
Designed for clean-room environment
Completely enclosed crystal for RFI/EMI immunity


Dimensions 0.220”OD X 0.240”H
Weight 2 grams ( with 6” cable & connector)
Case Material Stainless steel
Face Material Stainless steel
Connector ZHR-3
Sensor to Connector Ultra-flexible 3-wire 30 AWG, 0.076″ outer diameter
Seal Epoxy


Input Voltage 4.8 VDC
Operating/Max Current 2/3 mA
Internal Preamp Gain 30 dB

Please contact Sales to obtain a quotation for the sensor (specify length of cable in ‘-XX’ inch at end of PN).

  1. S30-461598-08-XX for flat mount
  2. S30-461672-01-XX for stud mount