Real-Time RF and mmWave Wideband Applications

  • 3GPP 5G NR and 5G TF Modulation IF/RF test solution
  • 802.11 WLAN, Wireless HD, WiGig, IEEE 802.11ad, IEEE 802.11ay test solution
  • DOCSIS 3.1, Aerospace, defense, satellite, pulse radar, EW, SIGINT/ELINT, LIDAR, automotive radar test and system integration solutions

ADP7000 Series 10-bit Digitizers - New

The digitizers feature 10-bit Keysight Analog to Digital A/D converters with sampling rates up to 2×32 Gsa/s and analog bandwidth up to 10 GHz combined with digital processor.  128 GBytes of acquisition memory and real-time streaming Optical Data Interfaces (ODI).

DP7000 Digital Processor with Fiber Optics

Real-Time Stream Processing for High-speed Data-acquisition, High Performance Computing, Data Centre Infrastructure, AI machine learning/ processing and Network applications. The processor features Intel/Altera 20 nm Arria™ 10 FPGA-s, Fiber Optics and DDR4 memory technology.

Fiber Optics to PCIe® bridge Card

Enables evolving markets such as High-speed Data-acquisition, High Performance Computing and Networking to take advantage of the latest Optics and Hybrid Memory Cube technology.

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Samtec FireFly™ Routes Data over PCBs in New Guzik ADP7000 Series Digitizers for 5G NR

The ADCs are combined with FPGAs, 128 GB memory and streaming Optical Data Interfaces (ODI)

Optical Data Interface (ODI) for connecting test instruments

“Optical Standard Boosts Data to Instruments, SDR, 5G” – Oct 2, 2017 by Martin Rowe EE|Times

Digitizer Squarely Aimed at 5G Applications

Looking at tools for 5G wireless development and test, take a look at the ADP7000 series of digitizers and combined processing modules

NIST Utilizes AXIe Digitizer for 5G Channel Sounding

National Institute of Standards and Technology | NIST utilized the Guzik ADC6000 AXIe Digitizer for their 5G channel sounder project

Samtec FireFly™ Enables Cascading of Guzik DP 7000 Digital Processors

The computing demands of high-performance applications like HPC, machine learning and high-speed communications are driven

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